GridGEM is a market-leading integrated control and monitoring solution to solve the problems faced within the renewables, energy storage and / or buildings markets. GridGEM’s core competence is constraints management and real-time monitoring. GridGEM is a viable solution for the problems faced by developers all over the World. In the UK, GridGEM is G100 & G99 compliant for connecting distributed energy and / or energy storage to the Grid. Take a look at the problems it can solve below and get in touch to see how we can help you.

Watch the GridGEM video below.

G100 Export Limitation

GridGEM is a DNO compliant G100 export limitation solution whose USP is its capacity to solve HV, multi-incomer &/or multi-asset connection problems.

Realtime Monitoring

GridGEM provides real-time monitoring solutions for buildings, energy generation and / or energy storage systems - interfacing with the GridEYE platform

Active Network Management

GridGEM can act as a client-side ANM interface for your renewable energy / storage project by dynamically responding to signals.

G99 Control Panel Interface

GridGEM enables G99 connection compliance by interfacing with DSO / National Grid G99 constraints panels & controlling generation dynamically..