G99 Connection Solutions for Renewables & Energy Storage

Argand’s GridGEM solution will enable renewables and energy storage projects to connect to the grid under the new G99 regulations to be introduced into the UK in April 2019. G99 is replacing the existing G59 requirements. The GridGEM will enable projects to connect to the distribution network operator’s (DNOs) G99 control management panel to ensure that their system responds to the wider network requirements in time.


G99 Control System

The GridGEM will control your renewables and / or energy storage system to ensure that they respond as required by the DNO’s G99 constraint panels or ANM interface..

G99 Consultancy

The GridGEM can be used to prove to the DNO that you will meet their control requirements under the new connection regime for larger installations.

G99 Applications

Argand can provide you with G99 application services to ensure that your application is successful as a result of our engineering insights & expertise.