Active Network Management Solutions for Renewables & Energy Storage

Argand’s GridGEM Active Network Management (ANM) solution is a DNO- compliant product for use in the UK and any network across the World to provide dynamic, real-time generation management in response to network system signals. The GridGEM active network management (ANM) solution can be used on low voltage (LV) or high voltage (HV) network connections and can be used to incorporate other client-specific needs such as load management and metering.


Customer-Side Active Network Management Solution

The GridGEM ANM solution will provide any client with the confidence that their generation asset will respond as required by the DNO within the required timelines.

ANM for any Generation Asset Classes

The GridGEM ANM solution can used to manage the output of solar PV, wind & / or CHP dynamically in response to the DNO ANM signals. We’ve solved problems for all asset classes.

Realtime Data to Support DNO Interaction

The GridGEM ANM solution will collect all of the relevant data to support you asset management of the site so you know when generation was tethered and for how long - critical information.