GridMAP is our powerful AI-supported modelling tool. GridMAP enables clients to find the optimum investment and design specification for energy storage systems & / or renewables. GridMAP will enable you and your clients to unearth and communicate the right solution for sites from domestic up to city-scale anywhere in the World. At its core, GridMAP saves you time and costs whilst enabling independent analysis.

Watch our short 4 minute film on the GridMAP software platform

Energy Demand Analysis

GridMAP provides critical energy demand profile & cost analysis to enable foundational insights into your project.


Energy Storage Investment

GridMAP will detail the investment returns available for your site as a result of investment in energy storage.

Optimise Solar & Storage

GridMAP will run multiple permutations of solar PV and ESS to determine the optimum configuration for your site.

Independent Analysis

GridMAP provides analysis that is unhindered by any vested interests so you can rely on the results to be objective

Globally Applicable

GridMAP can be used to analyse ESS and renewable projects anywhere in the World making it a powerful tool.

AI Supported Analysis

GridMAP has an AI-supported engine that helps you to find the optimum system design

Check out the short (4.5 minute) film below to see how GridMAP works.

A short film that takes you on a tour of Argand Solutions GridMAP application which helps to model & optimise renewables and storage projects.

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