Power Generation and Storage

In this series we will be looking at aspects of energy generation, energy storage + smart grid technology and we explore how data is used to inform both up-front investment decisions and ongoing investment return.

5. Developing Grid Independence.

In this interview with Rob Miles we tackle some of the big questions around energy independence: how will technology affect the grid and the what is the outlook in a subsidy free landscape? This is a must for every person who has an interest in the future of renewable energy. 

4. The Power of the Switch.

Using modern control technology to simply switch off non critical assets at expensive times can result in significant returns within 1 or 2 years. While distributed generation and storage remain a crucial part of overall energy strategy, switching provides a simple and cost effective approach to energy management that beats many other investments in renewables... the challenge is working out how to get started; this is where we help with our energy audit.

3. Flexibility Markets: Why You Should Care.

The cost of energy storage systems is falling largely as a result of Flexibility Markets which are driving opportunities for investment and new revenue streams, but it's a complicated picture: volatile pricing, variable tariffs and battery technology result in risk. How can you assess this complexity and achieve investment clarity? Fraser and Alastair explain the market, what the opportunities are and how GridMAP with market facilitation work to mitigate risk for a clear strategy for your energy storage.

2. Should You Get a Free Storage Battery?

With an increasing number of offers for business to take a free battery you need to know if this is a good idea, but there are man factors to consider. Argand have a 3 step process to help you get the right answer; GridMAP models your energy profile data with potential export revenues and combines this to reveal the overall effect when battery storage is included in the mix. Fraser Durham: "The view held by most is that energy generation and storage doesn't make sense.  We think that's wrong: it does."

1. Does Energy Storage Make Sense?

With energy demand increasing, emission targets in place and a grid that is under pressure, the case for renewable generation is clear and energy storage is a vital part of the mix. But is now the right time to invest? It's a complicated mix of technology, tariffs and financing; we could all benefit from some clarity... Join Fraser as he explains how Argand Solutions are modelling complex data to present you with clear options, so that you can easily communicate the best choice to your customers.

Please listen and subscribe via iTunes and stitcher.

Please listen and subscribe via iTunes and stitcher.