Export Limitation Solutions for Renewables & Energy Storage

Argand’s GridGEM export limitation solution is G100 compliant in the UK and can be used on any network across the World to provide dynamic, real-time export limitation that will meet the needs of any distribution network operator (DNO.) The GridGEM export limitation solution can be used on low voltage (LV) networks, but stands out as a unique solution for client sites with the problems associated with connecting and managing generation on a high voltage network, with co-located assets e.g. storage & solar, or when there is a private wire that needs to be managed across multiple connections with an export limit.


Low & High Voltage Export Limitation

The GridGEM export limitation solution can solve any problem related to Grid constraints & / or export limits. The GridGEM is engineered to excel at solving the myriad of complex issues associated with high voltage installations with significant physical limits.

Co-Located Asset Export Limitation

The GridGEM export limitation solution has the capability to manage co-located assets (e.g. solar PV & / or storage & / or wind etc) dynamically so that together they do not break your site’s overall constraint limit.

Private Wire Export Limitation & Management

If you have a private wire from one Grid-connected site to another, then you will run into issues of parallel supplies. This is complicated by export limitation. The GridGEM export limitation solution will solve your problems of constrained parallel supplies.