Fully Integrated Utility-Scale Solar PV Monitoring Solution

Argand’s GridGEM for solar monitoring provides a fully-integrated hardware & software solution for investors, developers, installers & owners of utility-scale solar PV. The GridGEM provides data monitoring down to the string level, weather data and the energy & power quality from all the site’s main meters. The GridGEM monitoring system will ensure that you can report on plant availability & performance ratios whilst also providing your O&M team with real-time performance analytics. All of the data resides in the cloud and is accessed via our GridEYE software application where our data-services team will work with you to enable the analytics that you need to ensue maximum performance.

Find out more about our 3 key hardware components below or click on the software button below to find out more about our software capabilities.


Central Processing & Communications Hub

The GridGEM central processing & communications hub collects all of the data from the string communications hubs, the weather station and any metering on your central inverters in real-time. Data is stored locally to ensure full data integrity and then processed & communicated to the “cloud” for analysis.

String Data Collection Monitoring Hub

The GridGEM string communications hub collects all of the data from the individual string combiner boxes for a particular central inverter. Collecting current, voltage, SCB temperature and any other available data points it will send the data back to the central processing hub to enable detailed analysis of SCB under / over-performance.

Weather Data Collection Monitoring Hub

The weather monitoring hub will collect all of the weather-related data points that are relevant to your site for analysis, including: solar irradiance, wind speed, wind direction, pressure, humidity and any other data points that you need. We can build the station for your specific needs. It connects directly to the central hub for analysis.