UK – 6MWp Solar PV Site

GridEYE enables complex performance analytics for utility-scale solar PV site

Overview & Client Problem

Prior to engaging Argand Solutions, the client, Bee Green Solar, had previously installed a 6MWp ground mount solar PV site in south west England. The site had been installed without suitable monitoring & / or performance analytics and, as such, there was no visibility on weather-adjusted returns and / or real-time O&M issues. The client engaged Argand to solve this problem.


Argand’s Solution

Argand designed, built and delivered a turnkey solar PV monitoring solution. The hardware used the GridGEM monitoring technology to capture data from the 3 central inverters and the 48 string combiner boxes. This used a combination of 1x the central processing communications hub and 3 x the SCB data collection hubs. In addition, Argand designed & built a weather station to capture the real-time solar irradiance and other weather data to enable performance analysis. All data on-site is collected in 5 minute intervals and then pushed to Argand’s cloud software solution, GridEYE. Argand have developed client specific analysis to provide regular performance reporting and have initiated real-time electrical health alerts for the O&M team.

Client Benefits

The result has been to provide the client with an independent system that automatically delivers all of the data & analysis that they need to ensure meeting their target performance ratios – plus ensuring real-time & proactive exceptions alerts are communicated with the O&M team  when underperformance is detected.