UK – 2.5MWp Control System Analytics

GridEYE data analytics solution enables complex performance reporting data for utility-scale solar PV site

Overview & Client Problem

The client, Syzygy Renewables, managed the installation of a 2.5MWp solar PV system at Southend Airport. The system has a 200 kWp export limit and so analysis of the “real performance” is difficult. Syzygy were engaged by the client to report on the site’s performance and needed data from the export limitation system in a specific format to enable them to deliver “export adjusted” performance data for the client. Syzygy engaged Argand to solve the problem by using our client specific data services offering to design, build and automate the delivery of the required data in a format that enabled the reporting process to be fluid and concise.


Argand’s Solution

Argand designed, built and delivered a turnkey data analytics services solution. The data service used the GridGEM export limitation data that is collected on-site and stored on Argand’s cloud GridEYE application. The data service accesses the data from GridEYE via Argand’s API and then undertakes the analysis as required by Syzygy Renewables. The output is 3 x CSV files that can be fed into Syzygy’s reporting process seamlessly and used to generate performance reports for the solar PV owner - Stobart. Argand continue to work with Syzygy to ensure that the data is clean, makes sense and meets their changing needs.

Client Benefits

The result has been that Syzygy now receive the required analysis at the required time and day automatically o that they can report with confidence.The data service has stream-lined their process and ensures that complex data is transformed into a usable format.