Analytics Services to Optimise the Value of your Data

Do you have data that is under-utilised? Do you have data that you would like to be analysed in a continuous and automated fashion to drive insights for your organisation? Argand’s client data analytics service provides the solution. We work with you to design, build and implement automated analytics that are then delivered to the correct people within your organisation to enable rapid decision making. Examples might be benchmarked energy analysis across all of your locations, power quality risk analysis, critical limit analysis. All the results are available via our GridEYE application and shareable.


Step 1: Setup a Data Feed

If we’re collecting data for you then we can get going straight away. However, if we’re not we can access and collect the data to analyse by using either an API or FTP service. Wherever your data is, we’ll make sure we can access it and enable the analytics process.

Step 2: Design & Build Service

Once we’ve been able to setup access to the data, we work with you to develop the analytics that you need. This means that we tailor the results and analysis to your required outcomes - ensuring that you get what you need, when you need it. Once designed, we can run it as often as you want.

Step 3: View Results & Act

Once built, the process will be set to run when you need it. The main results will all be available via our GridEYE application with a combination of CSV files, tables & charts available to view, download and act upon. You can add people to view the data as required. Simple.