Do you need another 2 BREEAM points for your commercial building project?

Are you in the building services / M&E industry and wondering how you can help your clients to achieve BREEAM excellent for the best value?

One of the key areas that pushes client projects over the line is their ability to provide real-time energy monitoring for their clients via a web-enabled or on-site dashboard which facilitates analysis at both the main meter and sub-meter level.

The area within the BREEAM documentation for these additional points is known as “ENE 02 - Energy Monitoring.”

To get the 2 credits, you need to achieve the following:

Credit 1

  • What: Sub-metering of major energy consuming systems

  • Solution: Meters accounting for ≥90% of the estimated total annual energy consumption of the building are metered to enable future connection to an energy monitoring and management system and the end energy consuming use is identifiable to the building user, for example through labelling or data outputs

Credit 2

  • What: Sub-metering of high energy load and tenancy areas.

  • Solution: An accessible energy monitoring and management system to enable future connection, covering the energy supply to all tenanted areas or, in the case of single occupancy buildings, relevant function areas or departments within the building/unit

To achieve this you need a system to act as a hub to all of the meters within the building.

In addition, you need a system that is cost effective and will enable the data to flow to a cloud service seamlessly and with input from the existing installation team on-site.

Argand have created a product to meet this need which is the GridGEM BREEAM compliant energy & data monitoring hub. It has been installed successfully at numerous sites and you can find more details about it at our shop which can be found here

Typically, we find that numerous building project implement expensive Building Management Systems (BMS to achieve this result for their BREEAM score, but we’re confident that this solution will meet cost and technical requirements that will ensure your project is a success.

If you’d like to discuss how it could support your project then please give us a call on +44-1803-864706 or email