Renewable Asset Performance Analytics

Argand’s GridEYE platform has the capability to provide your renewables project with performance analytics. Focused mainly on solar PV we will help you to understand how close your asset is performing in relation to predicted generation and also enable anonymous performance ratios versus localised assets within our platform. In addition, we provide more detailed performance analytics for larger utility-scale solar PV projects such as string combiner box (SCB) energy heat maps, SCB temperatures, performance ratios & plant availability statistics.


Actual vs Prediction

Every renewable asset monitored by GridEYE generates a predicted output for each period of the year. GridEYE will analyse this versus the actual output and highlight any underperformance. This is supported by our heat map and other performance analytics.

Performance Heat Maps

For larger sites where we have data for multiple inverters and / or string comber boxes, we will analyse the performance of individual strings and / or inverters. This enables us to target underperformance and communication through heat maps.

Performance Ratio & Availability

With on-site weather data and maintenance schedules we are able to help developers, asset manager & investors with the provision of performance ratios and plant availability statistics to meet their reporting and performance goals which is critical to the successful management of solar.