Argand Solutions enables an optimised grid connection for Clean Earth Energy. Argand Solutions provided Clean Earth Energy (CE) with a GridGEM export limitation solution to enable CE to get an optimised grid connection.  Through the combination of wind & solar PV, the GridGEM ensured that the combined system would never exceed the agreed export limit for the site.

Client Problem

Clean Earth Energy (www.cleanearthenergy.co.uk), a large-scale developer of renewable generation, approached Argand Solutions with the need to create an optimised grid connection.  This was for their generating capacity from existing wind turbine sites. They could not export more than the Distribution Network Operators (DNO) agreed connection constraint but had land around the wind turbines that could facilitate the installation of additional solar PV.  The solution had to integrate with their existing 500kW wind turbine generation systems and to ensure that the solar generation could be managed to keep within their optimised grid connection constraints.

Argand’s Solution

Argand Solutions worked with Clean Earth to develop a solution that met both their technical and DNO-imposed requirements. 250kWp of solar PV was installed around the wind turbine and on the same grid connection. The GridGEM™ for export limitation enabled an optimised grid connection for the client by controlling the output of the solar PV in real-time. The GridGEM tethered the output as it approached the client’s 500kW export limit.

Client Benefits

The optimised grid connection enabled the wind and solar PV generation to be maximised throughout the year. With the wind turbines expected to produce during the winter and the PV during the summer, the result has been that Clean Earth, without having to purchase additional land and / or connection agreements, have been able to generate greater energy levels through the same connection point. This will maximise both the revenue that they generate and the return on capital invested in their assets.