Multiple renewable energy generation options

Argand Solutions' GridMAP application can provide investment focus for a range of renewable and / or energy storage technologies of any size combined with any number of technical Grid & / or locational issues such as Grid export limits. 


Use Argand Solutions battery database or use your own

Argand Solutions' GridMAP application allows you to run scenarios across a range of energy storage technologies from our database. Or you can use your own battery system information and pricing, including capital cost and O&M.


Complex or simple tariffs

Argand Solutions' GridMAP application allows you to build up a tariff structure for your site(s) that is as complex as you need - using time of use tariffs, standing charges and other costs including inflationary assumptions.


Analyse debt / equity structures

If you want to finance part of the project through debt then Argand Solutions' GridMAP application will allow you to run financial projections based on your own debt / equity structures and associated financing costs.


Get simple, clear & investment-grade analysis within minutes

All the scenarios analysed by Argand Solutions' GridMAP application provide detailed financial indications and analysis plus charts to enable you and your team to make an informed decision.