GridGEM Enables Complex Export Limitation Solution


GridGEM Enables Complex Export Limitation Solution

Overview: Southend Airport 2.5MW Site requires Enabling Solution – Argand Solutions worked closely with renewable energy provider Syzygy ( to provide Southend Airport owner, Stobart Rail, with a 2.5MWp solar PV limited to 200kW.

Client Problem: Syzygy Renewables (, a large-scale developer of renewable generation, approached Argand with the need to provide a solution at Southend Airport to enable a 2.5 MWp solar PV system that would meet UK Power Networks (UKPN) requirement of a 200kW export limit. It sounds simple enough but there were significant technical challenges at the site given the size and complexity of their electrical distribution system. This included 2 High Voltage (HV) incomers and a 1.7km distance between these and the solar PV inverters with a runway in between.

Argand’s Solution: Argand worked closely with Syzygy to develop a solution that met both their technical and DNO-imposed requirements. The chosen solution was the GridGEM™ for Export Limitation (ELD) with Argand’s  integrated Lenz monitoring solution. Argand solved the distance issue by utilising new technology to convert their existing copper wire into an Ethernet solution – enabling them to meet the stringent time requirements for export limited control solutions. In addition, we provided a monitoring interface that was able to account for the 2 HV incomers in such a way that UKPN were happy. The project was also completed before a critical pre-Xmas date which enabled the client to achieve a higher revenue rate than would otherwise have been the case.

Client Benefits: As mentioned, the optimal solution and our commitment to get it installed and commissioned prior to the critical date enabled a significant return on investment for the client. In addition they were able to install 2.5MWp on-site as opposed to the original 200kWp with the result that the client was able to proceed with a significant investment that has enabled large reductions in energy consumption at the site. The Lenz analytics is developing the objective data to support a future investment in battery storage plus providing the client with risk analytics on their main HV incomers.