GridGEM® for Static & Timed Export Limitation

If you are unable to install your required renewable generation & / or energy storage project due to Grid export limits then GridGEM® is the solution for you.


GridGEM® for Active Network Management

If you have a renewable generation & / or energy storage project that requires Active Network Management (ANM) then GridGEM® is the DNO-approved solution to guarantee project success


GridGEM® for Grid Balancing Services

If you are looking to interface with the energy market to generate income from Grid Balancing Services then the GridGEM® can act as your real-time control interface for renewable generation & / or energy storage Grid Balancing projects.


GridGEM® for Private Wire Solutions

If you have a project where a private wire is inhibited by DNO “parallel supply” issues and requires remote, real-time management then the GridGEM® provides a DNO-approved solution to enable your project.


GridGEM® for Battery & Energy Storage Integration

If you are looking to co-locate renewable generation with energy storage then you're likely to encounter Grid constraints. The GridGEM® is our DNO-approved solution to solve these Grid management issues.