A Focus on Film


The Story Behind Our Film


Like many businesses, we have a great story to tell; drive, innovation and opportunity are all keys words within our narrative, and we know that video is an engaging way to get that across, but when it comes to the nitty gritty, well like just about everything else, the more you get into the process the more you realise that it’s not so easy to paint that picture.

Well, we’re pleased to say that we have done it! We have a great video that we would like you to watch and share and we had a lot of fun making it all happen. So how did we do it?

Fraser: “Like a lot of things, at first it’s just an idea; a feeling that there is a need, that there is a benefit and above all that we can do it. This is how we work at Argand Solutions; we recognise opportunities and we find solutions to problems that unlock the potential – we just applied this kind of thinking to the production of the video.”

That is all true, but there was a little bit of background work too:

Claire: “Many people think that ‘being creative’ is the ability to take some notional ideas and to instantly produce the visionary project… in one jump, but the reality is that our video was created through a series of stages; it’s a process and one that was led by Dave Clarke at iamthehow. We started with the main narrative, then the outline script before deciding on the detail.”

Fraser: “My advice for anyone planning any type of video is to get the planning done before you are in the focus of the lens and by doing so you’ll no only get what you set out to achieve, but the whole process will also help you to focus on the real opportunities.”

Ben: “We had great weather and the location looked stunning – the project site uses Gridgem to manage grid constraints, so we have a solar pv installation now running alongside an existing wind turbine; we got some great shots and clear story and it was a lot of fun too.”