Emlite EMC1 Single Phase Twin Element Smart Meter with GPRS / GSM

Emlite smart meter-1-Screen 1.jpg
Emlite smart meter-1-Screen 1.jpg

Emlite EMC1 Single Phase Twin Element Smart Meter with GPRS / GSM


The Emlite EMC1.w Twin Element meter has two 100A terminals for independent measurement of energy from 2 circuits .  The meter is intended for accurate measurement of net energy consumption when installed as a generation meter.  The second terminal measures grid import and export energy when there is surplus from PV generation.  Net consumption is calculated and displayed to show how solar energy is being utilised.

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Product Features

  • Fully MID approved for MCS feed-in-tariff metering

  • 2 independent measuring elements rated up to 100A each

  • GPRS communications for visualisation & analytics via Argand Solutions GridEYE software platform

  • Suitable for renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and solar panels

  • Import/export, active/reactive energy measurement

  • Power quality information eg. voltage, current, power

  • GSM signal strength and available networks displayed

  • Option for external antenna

  • Easy SIM swap without switching off mains

  • Time-of-use rate switching

  • Modular design to include range of communication modules

Monitoring on GridEYE

The meter comes with an integrated GPRS communications module which enables meter readings to be collected automatically, visualised and analysed via Argand’s GridEYE software platform. This includes as a minimum readings for net import, export & generation plus solar generation analytics so you know if / when your generation system is underperforming.

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