GridMAP Energy Storage Optimisation Analysis Consultancy

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GridMAP Energy Storage Optimisation Analysis Consultancy

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GridMAP Energy Storage Optimisation Analysis Consultancy allows you to utilise Argand’s internal engineering expertise to input, build & model your energy storage & / or renewables project.

When done, all of the results will be available via Argand Solutions’s GridMAP application, giving you all the benefits without the resource hassle.

The GridMAP consultancy model is perfect for those looking to try out a project and get a feel for the software and it’s benefits.

For those with internal resource and who would like to manage & build projects from end-to-end at a lower and more affordable price point then please take a look at our software license option.

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Consultancy Process

If you engage Argand in a GridMAP consultancy project, we’ll use the process shown below. The GridMAP process can be used for any project anywhere within the UK, Europe, North & South America, Africa and many parts of Asia.

  1. Information Exchange

    • We will provide you with a document requesting all the required information to model the project correctly

    • You will fill in and return this document

  2. Model Project

    • Argand’s engineer will take the details you have provided and model the project on your behalf

  3. Present Project

    • Argand will present the results to you via a web meeting to ensure that you understand all of the options

  4. Edit Project

    1. Within the price you’ll get the opportunity to make 2 iterative changes to the original information provided such as sizes to analyse etc

  5. Completion

    • The project will then be available for you to share with your client / internal team to enable you to make the right investment decision

    • The project will be available for a period of 12 months via the GridMAP application