GridGEM - LOW Voltage G100 Export Limitation & G99 System for Solar PV - Main Control Hub


GridGEM - LOW Voltage G100 Export Limitation & G99 System for Solar PV - Main Control Hub

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The GridGEM G100LV-PV is a G100 compliant export limitation solution for LOW voltage connected solar PV projects. It is the main control hub and will provide a solution for projects where all the inverters are together in one room / location. The GridGEM is also G99 compliant.

It is compliant with the following inverter manufacturers as follows:

Do you need Argand to design the system + provide SLD + DNO discussions?:
How many incoming supplies?:
Do you need fibre optic communication?:
Number of Contactors / Demand Assets Circuits to Control?:
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What Does the Price Include?

In addition to your choices above, the GridGEM price includes the following:

  1. GridGEM control system - IP54 wall mounted (approx size 500 x 500 x 220)

  2. GridGEM monitoring unit - IP54 wall mounted (approx size 300 x 250 x 210)

  3. Monitoring unit current transformers (up to 3x per monitoring unit) with a max current size of 1200A (larger sizes will incur additional cost)

  4. Design, build & delivery of system to site

  5. Remote commissioning support (up to 4 hours telephone support)

  6. Installation drawings

What Does the Price NOT Include?

The price does not include:

  1. Installation & on-site work / visits

  2. Any inter-connecting cabling e.g. fibre optic, power & / or other communication cable(s)

  3. The GridGEM system requires you to connect it to a 230V auxiliary power supply

  4. The monitoring unit will require a 3-phase voltage reference

Technical Information

If you have multiple roofs then you will also need to purchase addition GridGEM G100 compliant remote control hubs for each collection of inverters.

The GridGEM® has had a 100% sign-off with DNOs in the UK and can be used in any country subject to the electricity network specifications.

The GridGEM®can be used to solve the following problems faced by clients looking to connect to the electrical Grid:

  1. Static export limitation with a fixed kW or kVA export limit above which a client system cannot go

  2. Timed export constraints:where the export limit changes dynamically throughout the year dependent upon the month, day of the week and time of day.

  3. Active Network Management (ANM) whereby there is no known export limit and the generation system must dynamically change its output dependent upon a signal from the DNO in real-time.

  4. G99 Constraints Panel Interface whereby in addition to an export limit a client site may also have to respond to dynamic signals from the DNO / National Grid to change the generation output to respond to wider network issues.

  5. Private Wire & Parallel Supply Issues whereby a generator would like to connect to a demand site but needs to manage their connection to the Grid so that it does not create a situation of “parallel supply.”