GridEYE for Renewable Energy Generation Systems

How well are your generation assets performing versus predicted levels? Are critical generation assets providing signs of failure?  How can you ensure any failure risks are known by your maintenance team in real-time? Argand Solutions' GridEYE communicates underperformance and critical limit analysis in real-time for the renewable generation assets and their network equipment that you care about.


GridEYE for Critical Electrical Assets

As electrical assets degrade they can provide data signatures that will enable predictive signals for proactive asset maintenance. Argand Solutions' GridEYE provides real-time alerts for critical electrical risk limits and provides predictions as to when these limits are expected to be reached.  Argand Solutions' GridEYE will rank assets to enable better maintenance schedules & investment decisions.


GridEYE for Critical Asset Life

Actively understanding how long your assets have until they are expected to fail can provide significant benefits to your ability to pro-actively manage maintenance & asset replacement strategies. Argand Solutions' GridEYE provides asset life analytics to provide real-time insights into then to replace & maintain assets for optimal action.



GridEYE for Critical Environmental Assets

Air and water quality combined with noise levels are becoming more and more critical as we focus on environmental health. Understanding how close you are to these limits in real-time will enable proactive responses and actions to mitigate critical environmental issues. Argand Solutions' GridEYE provides real-time critical alerts for environmental data.